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Sentry Savannah Exercise in Progress?


Savannah – Last week I wrote about hearing the 142nd FW F-15s here in Savannah and wondered if a Sentry Savannah exercise was underway. After last week’s and Monday’s listening, I’m pretty much convinced that there is a Sentry Savannah underway. There aren’t as many visiting aircraft as previous ones, but the offshore training activity matches what went on in previous Sentry Savannah exercises as do the frequencies in use. Even though there aren’t F-22s involved this time, some F-35s from Eglin AFB were participants in today’s morning sortie, arriving from and returning back to Eglin. Activity  should continue through the rest of the week, so there should be three or four more days left to listen to. I’ll have limited radio time over the next few days, but these frequencies and callsigns should give you a good baseline of where to listen for them at.

257.800/119.100 – Savannah IAP Tower
120.400/353.775 – Savannah Approach/Departure
125.300/371.875 – Savannah Approach/Departure

124.975/279.575 – Hunter AAF Tower

269.550/124.700 – Jax Center Columbia Low
282.200/124.675 – Jax Center Jekyll Low
282.300/135.975 – Jax Center Alma High
285.650/126.125 – Jax Center Statesboro High
363.200/132.925 – Jax Center Allendale/Savannah Low

120.950/284.500 Sealord North Primary

235.900 – NORAD Discrete; Red Air Check In
288.400 – NORAD Discrete; Blue Air Check In

293.600 – NORAD Discrete; ACM
316.300 – NORAD Discrete; ACM with STEALTH

274.400 – Aerial Refueling
278.000 – Aerial Refueling

228.400 – Townsend Range

226.750 – 142nd AW air-to-air
276.800 – 142nd AW air-to-air
321.000 – 142nd AW air-to-air

234.800 – 125th FW Aux 5
253.700 – 125th FW Aux 6
314.200 – 125th FW Aux 7

141.825 – 169th FW V14
140.125 – 169th FW V15

339.500 – VMFA-115 Tac 1
225.675 – VMFA-115 Tac 2
283.400 – VMFA-122 Tac 1
354.325 – VMFA-122 Tac 2
250.300 – VMFA(AW)-224 Tac 1
258.900 – VMFA(AW)-224 Tac 2
301.950 – VMFA-312 Tac 1
320.300 – VMFA-312 Tac 2

EAGLE (F-15C, 142nd FW)
RAGE (F-15C, 142nd FW)

EDDIE (KC-135R, 64-14840, 121st ARW)
EXPO (KC-135T, 59-1520, 141st ARW)

FANG (F-15C, 125th FW)
GATOR (F-15C, 125th FW)

MACE (F-16CM, 169 FW)
VIPER (F-16CM, 169 FW)

BLADE 1# (F/A-18A+, VMFA-115)
NIKEL 3# (F/A-18A+, VMFA-122)
BENGAL 4# (F/A-18D, VMFA-224)
CHECK 6# (F/A-18D, VMFA-312)

HUSKY (F-35A, Eglin AFB)
PRIMUS (F-35A, Eglin AFB)


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