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Warner Robins/Macon Road Trip Report; 8 January 2015


Update – 10 January 2015: a more complete road trip report for both days can be found here.

Warner Robins, GA – In addition to having fun wandering around the Museum of Aviation and taking photos, I also had some radio fun with the mobile monitoring station and a couple of handheld scanners. While visiting the museum I let the HP-1 in the car log and record on Robins AFB air traffic control frequencies and since the BCD536HP is a P25 Phase II capable, I let it log and record on a number of systems including the Houston/Peach P25 TRS and the Macon-Bibb and Central Georgia Interoperable Radio System (the last two are P25 Phase II systems). For the first time, the BCD536 picked up traffic on the Central Georgia system; I traveled through the area five times in 2014 and never got a sniff on it but on this trip I began to hear traffic on it. Besides the traffic logged on those three systems, Robins AFB was fairly active today with several JSTARS flights and F-15 and C-130 flights from the Robins Air Logistics Center. In the afternoon, I caught two flights of F-16s from the SC ANG in Bulldog MOA; MACE 3# (F-16CM, 169 FW) and VIPER 4# (F-16CM, 169 FW) were on 343.750 and using 141.825 (V14) and 140.125 (V15) for air-to-air.

Robins AFB
133.225/257.975 – Tower
121.850/275.800 – Ground
119.600/124.200/269.625/279.600 – Approach/Departure
293.525 – 116th/461st ACW “PEACHTREE Ops”
225.925 – Robins ALC

KOMODO 04 (E-8C, 461 ACW)
PEACH 99 (E-8C, 116 ACW)
PEACH 68 (E-8C, 116 ACW)
ROGUE 01 (F-15, ALC)
ROGUE 15 (F-15, ALC)
ROGUE 15/16 (F-15, ALC)
ROGUE 30 (C-130?, ALC)
ROGUE 33 (C-130, ALC)
ROGUE 34 (C-130, ALC)
PAT 765
N395AE (206L-1, AirEvac EMS Dublin)

Robins AFB TRS
TG 2544 – Museum of Aviation
TG 4880 – unknown
TG 4912 – Robins AFB Base Ops
TG 4944 – Robins AFB Crash/Fire
TG 11216 – unknown
TG 11248 – unknown
TG 11280 – 94th APS
TG 13616 – ALC?
TG 13658 – ALC?
TG 13712 – ALC?
TG 16048 – HMLA-773?
TG 40048 – 116/461 ACW
TG 40784 – 116/461 ACW

Houston/Peach TRS (P25)
TG 16 – Houston County FD Dispatch
TG 17 – Houston County FD FG1
TG 18 – Houston County FD FG2
TG 35 – Houston County EMS Talk
TG 61 – Warner Robins FD Dispatch
TG 91 – Centerville FD Dispatch
TG 92 – Centerville FD FG1
TG 93 – Centerville FD FG2
TG 121 – Perry FD Dispatch
TG 123 – Perry FD Tac
TG 143 – HCSO MA1

Macon-Bibb TRS (P25 Phase II)
TG 247 – unknown
TG 413 – Animal Control
TG 507 – unknown

Central Georgia Interoperable Radio System (P25 Phase II)
TG 127 – unknown
TG 132 – Macon-Bibb County FD Dispatch 1
TG 134 – Macon-Bibb County FD Scene 2
TG 135 – Macon-Bibb County FD Operations 3
TG 136 – Macon-Bibb County FD Scene 4


  1. […] It also turned out to be a decent day for radio monitoring in the Robins AFB/Warner Robins area; if you’re interested in the radio side of the day’s activities, I’ve put that information in a separate post. […]

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