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Update: 3-160 SOAR Helicopter Makes Hard Landing at Hunter AAF


160_soarSavannah – Earlier this morning, I passed on a link to a news story from WTOC about a 3-160 SOAR helicopter that made a “hard landing” at Hunter AAF at 2324 last night.  Since then, some video has been put online to accompany the story:


From the video and photo, you can see that it is a one 3-160 SOAR’s MH-60Ms.  I’m no aviation incident expert, but I think that most average folks would consider this a crash given that the helicopter is on its side.  From the photo (which appears to be taken from across White Bluff Rd from the approach end of Runway 28) it looks like it crashed just to the south of the runway.  The crew compartment appears intact, so I’m praying that the crew is OK.  The runway at Hunter is closed, according to a NOTAM issued this morning:

M0003/14 - RUNWAY CLOSED. 16 JAN 06:00 2014 UNTIL 31 JAN 04:59 2014. CREATED: 16 JAN 06:02 2014

So far, no information on their condition has been released.  Given the nature of the unit, I don’t expect a lot more information to be released but I’ll post updates with anything else if I hear or see anything.

Please keep the crew, their families, and their comrades in your prayers.

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