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USS Eisenhower (CVN-69) and CVW-7 Active off of the Florida Coast


Over the last week while in Brunswick I was monitored activity from CVW-7 (Carrier Air Wing 7) off of the USS Eisenhower from Jekyll Island.  As I listened to some of the activity, I was struck at how many of the same principles being applied to the military communications – brevity, clarity, and specificity – are those which amateur radio operators need to apply when operating during emergencies.

The carrier and air wing are operating off of the Florida coast in the Atlantic Ocean, but I was able to hear some of the northern activity:

317.875 – STRIKE
341.925 – Controlled Intercepts
343.275 – Aerial Refueling

276.500 – SEALORD South Primary
133.950 – SEALORD South Primary
284.500 – SEALORD North Primary

308.400 – Jax Approach/Departure
351.800 – Jax Approach/Departure
377.050 – Jax Approach/Departure

342.250 – Casey Stack (Jax Urban CAS)

289.200 – Pinecastle Range
225.350 – Pinecastle Range

AG 1## (F/A-18E, VFA-143)
AG 2## (F/A-18F, VFA-103)
AG 3## (F/A-18C, VFA-83)
AG 4## (F/A-18C, VFA-131)
AG 60# (E-2C, VAW-121)
TAPROOM (F/A-18E, VFA-143)
DOG (F/A-18E, VFA-143)
VICTORY (F/A-18F, VFA-103)
SKULL (F/A-18F, VFA-103)
RAM (F/A-18C, VFA-83)
WILDCAT (F/A-18C, VFA-131)
OMEGA (DOD Contract Tanker)
COUGAR (Adversary)

I particularly enjoyed listening to the activity between the JTACs (Joint Terminal Attack Controller) and fighters in the Casey Stack over Jacksonville and Mayport.  As someone who works in communications, I can appreciate the importance of communications in what I was hearing.  In order to be successful in the mission, clarity, brevity, and specificity are needed; very similar to what is needed in dispatching situations.  I also think it would be good listening for amateur radio operators who are interested in emergency communications.  Listening to close air support type training communications can be an object lesson in how to keep your communications brief yet get the message across clearly and specifically.  In dispatching, in amateur radio emergency communications, and in military communications, you need to get your message across without being verbose and using too much airtime while also being clear on exactly what is needed, where it’s needed, and who needs to do it.

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