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A Question For My Readers: What is the True Nature of Amateur Radio?


Yesterday while eating lunch, I read a book review in QST magazine in which the author used the phrase “the true nature of amateur radio.”  It was something that stuck in my mind and set me to thinking about what the “True Nature of Amateur Radio” is. I asked friends on Facebook and Twitter what they thought it was and received a few answers but I’d like some more so I’ll ask the question here.  My intent is to read through any replies I get and include them in a future blog post and radio club newsletter article on the topic, so please comment on this post with your thoughts.


  1. I just wish I had readers.

  2. KF4LMT says:

    Based on the amount of spam the spam filter catches, I think the majority of my readers may be spambots 🙂 (No offenses to actual human readers)

  3. I wonder if you’ve seen this article: http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/news/2011/07/did-the-titanic-disaster-let-uncle-sam-take-over-the-airwaves.ars

    It’s an older article, almost a year old. Towards the end there’s an entertaining bit on hams and the navy operators.

  4. KF4LMT says:

    I haven’t seen that article, but I’ll definitely give it a read. There was also an article in a recent issue of the ARRL magazine QST on the Titanic Disaster but I don’t remember which month off of the top of my head…

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