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USS Normandy Visits Savannah


The USS Normandy, CG-60, a US Navy Ticonderoga class cruiser is visiting Savannah.  It is tied up at the Georgia Ports Terminal just upriver from River Street; the ship isn’t open for tours but it is easily seen from the public area of River Street.  This morning, river security for the USS Normandy was being provided by a Savannah Chatham Metropolitan Police Department boat; my father and I watched it screen a small motor boat as the boat moved upriver past the ship.  There is also a small RHIB (Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat) tied up next to the Normandy.  I searched for any signs of an onboard Trunked Radio System using the BCD396XT, but was unable to find anything.

USS Normandy, CG-60. Note the RHIB tied alongside near the stern and the SCMPD Marine Patrol Boat in the foreground.

SCMPD Marine Patrol Boat working the security zone around the USS Normandy

USS Normandy, CG-60

USS Normandy, CG-60 tied up at the Georgia Ports Authority Docks, SCMPD Marine Patrol Boat working the security zone.

This Sunday, 4 December 2011, the Captain of the Normandy will be the speaker at the Annual Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day Ceremony at the Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum in Pooler.  If you’re in the area, I urge you to come out and take part in what is a very moving ceremony.  It is sponsored by the local Fleet Reserve Association Branch (of which my parents are members) and the Navy League of Savannah.

It was a busy morning on the river this beautiful Friday morning!  As we first walked down onto River Street outgoing and incoming container ships were passing each other in front of Rousakis Plaza; it’s not something I’ve seen very often.  As we left, another ship was coming upriver (and we weren’t even down there for a full hour!). SCMPD/Chatham County helicopters EAGLE 1 and EAGLE 2 were doing FLIR training over Hutchinson Island this morning as well.  They announced their presence by flying over the river in a loose formation (but too far apart to get a picture of them together) before going into their patterns over the island.  The crews were talking to each other on 123.100.

CMA CGM New Jersey and Maersk Brani pass in front of River Street

CMA CGM New Jersey and Maersk Brani pass in front of River Street

Tug Savannah followed the Maersk Brani inbound. The small motorboat astern of the Savannah is the one that the SCMPD boat screened past the USS Normandy


Another interesting sight on River Street this morning was YFN-652, a US Navy Covered Lighter built in 1943. It is moored at Savannah Marine Repair across the Savannah River from River Street.  I have no idea what it is there for.

Navy Covered Lighter YFN-652


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