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SEGARRN Liberty County Site


Last Friday evening, on the way back to Brunswick fro Savannah, I put one of the scanners in search while driving down I-95 in one of my attempts to find the Liberty County site of the Southeast Georgia Regional Radio Network (SEGARRN).  All of my previous attempts were fruitless, but this time I found an active control channel.  In the Richmond Hill area, it found 774.48125 displaying a site ID of 025Ch-0105.  025C matches the SEGARRN system and 0105 indicates that it is site 5 of the system.  I was able to receive it on a handheld inside the car down to between the 65-60 mile-marker southbound on I-95 in McIntosh County.  I did not note any talkgroup activity; while there was activity on the Bryan County site during this time, it was not being simulcast on the Liberty County site (nor would in necessarily have to be).

There might not be any activity on it yet, but if you live in the Liberty County area and have a digital scanner (and you must to listen to this system, it is has 9600 baud control channel and is P25 digital voice) you might want to program it in and start listening for activity.


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  1. Ronald B. says:

    Good day sir,
    I have my RadioShack Pro-106 programmed with the new site and actively monitoring, and as of 9/14/2011, there is still no activity on the channel. I live in Midway so I can always keep an ear out for activity.

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