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A Tough Decision


Yesterday morning, I made a decision that I’ve deliberated over for quite some time.  Over the last two years, it has become increasingly clear that being an absentee newsletter editor is more difficult than I expected it to be. As a result, I emailed the officers of the Coastal Amateur Radio Society that I would be giving up the position of Groundwaves editor after the December 2011 issue.  I still plan on writing for Groundwaves and I’m willing to assist the new editor; I’m not going away.

It was not a decision that came easily.  I used to enjoy putting the newsletter together; unfortunately over the last two years it has become more of a chore than a fun part of my radio hobby.  My work schedule usually has me in Brunswick thus I very rarely make any club meetings – that keeps me relatively uninformed.  That is not a good status for a newsletter editor.   Trying to inform the club when you’re more uninformed than many of them isn’t fun and isn’t fair to the club.

I hope my friends and fellow club members respect my decision and understand that it wasn’t made out of anger or disgust.  I’ll still be a club member and I’ll still be writing, someone else will just have to put things together.


  1. Ted says:

    Thanks Mac for the newsletters you did do, they were all great, I for one understand totally. The club and hobby are supposed to be fun and you realized that before it was too late. Thanks again, 73’s Ted KJ4EGZ

    • KF4LMT says:

      Thanks for good words, Ted. You’ve hit the nail on the head; unfortunately I’ve been down that road before so I recognized where things were leading this time through experience.

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