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Southeast Georgia Fires, 22 June 2011


Yesterday, I took another drive through the area of the Racepond fire and near the areas of the Sweat Farm Again and Honey Prairie Complex fires. Although there was heavy smoke and ash in the air yesterday, I didn’t see flame roadside like I saw on the last trip. That said, conditions yesterday were hellish; near Hoboken the smoky air took on a surreal yellowish-orange hue. When I stopped in Nahunta for a bite to eat, the temperature was 100 with a heat index of 108 after a high temperature for the day of 102. We still need to keep the residents, fire crews, and other public safety personnel working these fires in our prayers.

Smoke in Nahunta around 6pm. The photo doesn't quite do it justice but you can still see how visibility was limited.

Smoke Conditions in Glynn County yesterday afternoon, normally this would have been a sunny, bright view of the marsh and a creek.

While there was a lot of Georgia Forestry activity, I didn’t hear or see any out of town fire department units in the area (not that it means they still aren’t there). That probably accounted for not hearing anything on the fire mutual aid frequency 154.280. Additionally, there didn’t seem to be as much aviation activity yesterday afternoon, possibly due to the heavy smoke conditions causing visibility problems. That may have been why I didn’t hear anything on 159.285, the Southeast Compact frequency, which I heard being used last week aviation coordination amongst other uses. Both sets of fires seem to be using the same Air Ops frequency, perhaps because of the close proximity?

For the Racepond and Sweat Farm Again fires, here is what I heard in use (in order of activity, highest to lowest):

151.145 – District 8 Admin
159.120 – District 8 Repeater
122.375 – Air Ops
168.200 – Georgia Forestry Tac 11

For the Honey Prairie Complex fire, here is what I heard in use (once again in order of activity, highest to lowest):

164.575 – Okefenokee Repeater system*
164.625 – Okefenokee Repeater system*
167.125 – Okefenokee Repeater system*
122.375 – Air Ops
166.9375 – US Forestry Tac?

*Note: these 3 repeaters are linked together. I’m not sure of the location of these repeaters but 164.625 seems to be the one that comes in the strongest to the north and east of the park.

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