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David Rosenthal, WD4FIH – Silent Key


This weekend I received bad news in an email from Ralph Quinn – W4REQ, he had learned of the passing of David Rosenthal, WD4FIH in Beaufort, SC.  Before moving to Beaufort after his mother’s death, David was a long time resident of Savannah.  I met him at an Amateur Radio Club of Savannah meeting while I was still studying to take my Technician class amateur radio license test.  David often kept me company on the 146.970 repeater when I was on my way home from Rincon after a late shift at work; no one else was around monitoring the radio but it seemed David was always up late in Beaufort and listening.  In addition to the amateur radio hobby, we also shared the fact that we both worked in Pharmacies; David was a pharmacist and a I had worked in retail pharmacy before starting my dispatching job.

Unfortunately since the job began keeping me in Brunswick most of the time I lost contact with David but I do miss the our QSOs and will miss not hearing him around in the future.  My prayers are with his children, he frequently talked about them during our QSOs and I know he was proud of them.

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  1. Bob Randall says:

    I was a good friend of Davids, and I will miss him greatly. Although I live in California, we did manage to stay in touch every so often (not as much as we should). He was a gentle soul, and was a friend to one and all.

    Bob KJ6OTQ

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