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Savannah Area Field Day 2012, An Opportunity Wasted


Last week, I found out that at the May meeting the Coastal Amateur Radio Society decided to hold Field Day at the Candler Hospital parking garage, utilizing the top floor for antennas and the floor below for operations.  Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the use of the garage and I appreciate the effort put forth to get a location to replace Southside Fire Station 1 but I’m disappointed. I’m disappointed, as a CARS member, that the club didn’t choose to approach the Amateur Radio Club of Savannah and pursue a joint Field Day.  It was an excellent opportunity to bring the amateur radio operators of the Savannah area together for a major event and it was wasted. 

Unfortunately, I feel that club politics are still at work here.  The major complaint about joining ARCS was that they hold Field Day in an non-air conditioned facility, the pavilion at the Georgia Air National Guard Combat Readiness Training Center.  Well, the parking garage at Candler Hospital isn’t air conditioned and it doesn’t offer as much protection from the elements as the pavilion does so that negates that argument. I simply don’t understand, and I know that there are others who don’t either, the resistance to holding Field Day with ARCS.  There was plenty of time to approach ARCS and organize a joint effort but CARS put off the decision until it really wasn’t an option.  I may be wrong in suspecting politics and I honestly hope I am.

I had my say here on the blog, I had my say during a club meeting, and I had my say in a “Groundwaves” editorial but the club decided otherwise.  The majority spoke but even though I’m disappointed in what the club decided to do I will still participate if I’m in town for Field Day.  I can only hope that we as a club make different choices in the future when presented with these kind of opportunities.

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