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New 4-3 AVN Ops Frequency


Location: Savannah

Yesterday evening I had the time to do a bit of monitoring while 3rd Aviation Brigade helicopters at Hunter AAF were active. 3rd AVN returned from a deployment to Afghanistan a few months back and have just recently begun flight ops out of Hunter AAF again. As noted in some earlier earlier posts, some of the low band VHF FM Ops freqs have changed. Previously noted was 69.795, the new Ops frequency for 1-3 AVN and 70.150 the new Ops frequency for 2-3 AVN.

Yesterday evening, I found the new Ops frequency for 4-3 AVN:  76.775.  There was a fair amount of activity from several of the unit’s UH-60s prior to impending bad weather curtailing flight operations:  26693, 26702, 26707, and 27045.  26693 and 27045 operated as a flight of 2 using 234.500 for air-to-air.


The MilAir page has been updated with the current Ops frequencies for helicopter units at Hunter AAF.

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