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Harris Neck NWR – 4 April 2011


This morning on the way home from Brunswick to Savannah, I stopped by the Harris Neck National Wildlife Refuge’s Woody Pond to see what I could see. What a sight it was today! There were hundreds and hundreds (and hundreds, and hundreds…) of White Ibis and Wood Storks in the trees lining the banks of the pond and the trees on the pond’s islands! Some of the Wood Storks appeared to be in the process of building nests, as I watched many of them flying across the pond from the surrounding woods carrying branches in their beaks. As I pulled up to the pond, there were a number of Wood Storks down on the logging road that borders the pond. After awhile, I walked up onto the logging road and the Wood Storks flew up into the trees. Right at the beginning of the viewing area, I saw a lot of Yellow Crowned Night Herons perched on trees and driftwood limbs close to the shoreline. There were also several small young alligators in the area but I didn’t see any large alligators in the area. It was around 0800/0900, so the sun was still low in the sky to the east so although photography conditions weren’t the best I was able to some photos from the better angles away from the sun.

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