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Welcome to KF4LMT's Shack. I blog on scanning and monitoring, amateur radio, and motor sports. MilAir, Fire/EMS, and Search and Rescue communications are the focus of my scanning posts. Amateur Radio posts mostly focus on events I participate in and mobile operating, which is my primary means of getting on HF. Sports Car racing, IndyCar, and F1 racing are what most of my motor sports posts are about. Feel free to leave a comment or drop me a line at kf4lmt @ gmail.com. Sorry, but I don't program scanners – it has led to too many requests that I just don't have time to accommodate.

Savannah Weather

Brunswick Weather

Upcoming Ham Radio Events

  • 152nd Anniversary of the Battle of Hanover and Gettysburg 30 June 2015 – 8 July 2015 Jun 30-Jul 7, 0900Z-0500Z, W1G, Gettysburg, PA. Bob Hess, WO4L. 21.300 18.145 14.235 7.200 other bands as propagation permits. Certif icate & QSL. Bob Hess, 74 Curtis Dr, East Berlin, PA 17316.
  • Colonial Williamsburg July 4th Special Event Station 4 July 2015 Jul 4, 1400Z-2000Z, K4RC, Williamsburg, VA. Williamsburg Ar ea Amateur Radio Club. 14.265 7.265. QSL. Steve Flester, 100 Percussion Rd , Williamsburg, VA 23185. www.k4rc.net
  • Historic Fort Missoula Independence Day Celebration 4 July 2015 Jul 4, 1500Z-2200Z, W7PX, Missoula, MT. Hellgate Amateur Ra dio Club. 14.242 14.042 21.342 21.042. QSL. Hellgate Amateur Radio Club, P O Box 3811, Missoula, MT 59806. www.w7px.org/contact_us.html
  • Whiskey Rebellion Festival Washington, Pennsylvania 5 July 2015 – 14 July 2015 Jul 5-Jul 13, 1900Z-2300Z, W3R, Washington, PA. WACOM Washi ngton Amateur Communications. 21.360 14.270 7.275 3.865. Certificate & QSL. Bill Steffey, 401 Bells Lake Rd, Radio Hill, Prosperity, PA 15329. Inf o on Festival: http://whiskeyrebellionfestival.com/. A graphic of the certi ficate will be available on the WACOM web site, just prior to the event. w…
  • Commemorating Alliance, OH as the home of Taylorcraft Aviation 11 July 2015 Jul 11, 1400Z-2000Z, KD8MQ, Alliance, OH. Alliance Amateur Radio Club. 28.260 21.260 14.260 7.260. Certificate & QSL. John Myers, 910 W Mill St, Alliance, OH 44601. We will be operating SSB, on these frequ encies. Other bands, & modes may be attempted. Check our QRZ page for deta ils www.w8lky.org
  • Red River Bridge War Special Event Station 11 July 2015 Jul 11, 1400Z-2300Z, W5I, Cartwright, OK. Grayson County Am ateur Radio Club. 14.250 14.070 7.250 7.070. QSL. Grayson County Amateur Ra dio Club, PO Box 642, Sherman, TX 75091. www.k5gcc.org
  • Ashland Harbor Breakwater Light Centennial Celebration, Ashland, WI 11 July 2015 Jul 11, 1400Z-2200Z, W9L, Ashland, WI. Clarence Campbell, N9XIM. 14.270 7.270. Certificate. Clarence Campbell, 1014 Chapple Ave, As hland, WI 54806. Special Event celebrating the centennial of the Ashland ( WI) Harbor Breakwater Light on Lake Superior. This special event station is part of the centennial celebration of the light sponsored by the Ashland H…
  • IARU HF World Championship 11 July 2015 – 13 July 2015
  • Corvette Homecoming 13 July 2015 – 20 July 2015 Jul 13-Jul 19, 1500Z-2359Z, K4C, Bowling Green, KY. Kentuck y Colonels Amatuer Radio Club. 28.460 14.260 7.260 3.816. Certificate. Edwa rd Gann, 445 Elrod Rd, Bowling Green, KY 42104. $2 for certificate kcarc online.com
  • CQ Worldwide VHF Contest 18 July 2015 – 20 July 2015

Apologies for the Lack of Amateur Radio Content

My amateur radio readers will have noticed a lack of amateur radio posts in recent months. I explained why on Twitter awhile back, but I want to offer an explanation here on the blog as well. I apologize for the lack of amateur radio content and assure you that at some point, it will return.

My job also involves radio and radio related issues have been creating a lot of stress. The result of that stress is a reduction in the urge to get on the radio; when I’m off of work, I simply haven’t wanted to get on the radio as a hobby. Sometimes the last thing I want to see is a radio. It has even cut in to the amount of time I’ve spent on scanning and listening, which is my first love in the radio hobby. Aviation and Military Aviation is different from what I deal with at work, so listening to them has kept me anything close to active in the radio hobby.

These things too shall pass and as the work situation gets better, the hobby radio situation will get better. Rest assured that I have not abandoned the amateur radio hobby – I will be back and there will be amateur radio content in the future.

Mode-S Log; June 2015

Mode-S hits from Military, Government, and Public Safety related aircraft as well as various other aircraft that catch my attention from attended monitoring of my RadarBox in Savannah, GA:

04C15A – 787, Boeing Test CHS (BOE662)*
0A400A – G-IV, 7T-VPM, Algerian Gov’t
0A400B – G-V, 7T-VPG, Algerian Gov’t (GULFTEST 18 on ATC, c/n 617)
529281 – (KEYS 10)
71010A – G-IV, HZ-103, Saudi Arabian Air Force
A000E8 – G650, N1KE, Nike Inc
A1ECBD – N223GA, G-V, FBI (N223GA)
A29903 – Bell 206L-1, N267AE, Air Evac (N267AE)
A2A071 – Bell 206L-3, N269AE, AirEvac 91 Vidalia
A30BC9 – Bell 206L-1, N296AE, AirEvac 95 Statesboro (N296AE)
A39666 – G450, N330GA, Gulfstream Aerospace (GLF34)
A3B067 – G450, N337GA, Gulfstream Aerospace (GLF92)
A3C4D2 – B767, N342AX, Omni Air Intl (CMB543)
A4C05A – G450, N405MU, Verizon Corp Services Group (GLF55)
A57B23 – G450, N450GA, Gulfstream Aerospace (GLF55)
A60F36 – BE20, N49R, Dynamic Aviation Group
A67C07 – G550, N517GA, Gulfstream Aerospace (GLF19)
A67FBE – G550, N518GA, Gulfstream Aerospace (GLF19)
A67FBE – G550, N518GA, Gulfstream Aerospace (GLF66)
A68375 – G550, N519GA, Gulfstream Aerospace (GLF99)
A6A36E – MD-500N, N527FB, Chatham Co (EAGLE 03 on ATC)
A89108 – G650, N651GA, WFBN (GLF 77)
A8B1DF – BE30, N66, FAA (FLIGHT CHECK 66 on ATC)
A8C811 – G450, N665P, Phillips 66 Co (GULFTEST 07 on ATC)
AB333B – DHC-8, N8200H, Dynamic Aviation Group (GRZLY34)
AC9B8D – BK-117, N911MZ, LifeStar 1
ADFF0C – KC-135R, 60-0335, 6 AMW (BOLT91)
AE0226 – KC-10A, 86-0027, 305 AMW (FORCE06 on box, MOVER 21 on ATC)
AE02C6 – C-130H, 89-9102, (CODY01)
AE0386 – KC-135R, 59-1468, (STEEL71)
AE0468 – C-2A, 162166, VRC-40?
AE0480 – KC-135R, 60-0324, 6 AMW (BOLT91)
AE04BA – KC-135R, 58-0055, 6 AMW (PIRAT44)
AE04BA – KC-135T, 58-0055, 6 AMW (BOLT42)
AE04F5 – KC-135T, 58-0050, 6 AMW (PIRAT53)
AE05E5 – C-130H, 88-4403, 440 AW (BREWR61 on box, PACKER 61 on ATC)
AE05FF – C-130H, 80-0320, 165 AW (DAWG 01 on box, DAWG 99 on ATC)
AE05FF – C-130H, 80-0320, 165 AW (DAWG 01)
AE05FF – C-130H, 80-0320, 165 AW (DAWG 02 on ATC)
AE0600 – C-130H, 80-0321, 165 AW
AE0601 – C-130H, 80-0322, 165 AW (DAWG95 on box, REACH 221 on ATC)
AE0604 – C-130H, 80-0325, 165 AW (DAWG 06)
AE06E4 – UC-12M, 163836, MCAS Beaufort (FOX 836 on ATC)
AE087E – C-37A, 01-0028, 6 AMW
AE118A – C-37A, 02-1863, US Army (R1863)
AE11CC – T-6A, 03-3706
AE11F0 – E-3G, 82-0007, 552 ACW (VNGRD71)
AE11F6 – C-40B, 01-0041, 89 AW (VENUS31)
AE123A – C-17A, 04-4128, 305 AMW (RCH297)
AE148E – E-8C, 94-0284, 116/461 ACW (KOMODO1)
AE1D72 – P-3C, 162318, VP-30 (VVLL29)
AE1D7D – P-3C, 163000, VP-30 (LL 29 on ATC on evening sortie)
AE1EA8 – T-6A, 08-3939, 479 FTG
AE1FF6 – UH-72A, 12-72231, ARNG (GUARD 72231 on ATC)
AE266A – MH-65D, 6516, CGAS Savannah (C6516)
AE2678 – MH-65D, 6530, CGAS Savannah (C6530)
AE2688 – MH-65D, 6550, CGAS Savannah (C6550)
AE268D – MH-65D, 6555, CGAS Savannah (C6555)
AE2694 – MH-65D, 6562, CGAS Savannah (6562)
AE27FF – MH-60T, 6014, USCG (C6014)
AE2FAC – C-17A, 08-8200, 62 AW (RCH501)
AE4C61 – MC-12W, 10-0739, B/224 MI Bn (SUNNY 28 on ATC)
AE4E08 – C-130J, 08-5712, 317 AG (RCHA612)
AE4E0A – C-130J, 08-5724, 317 AG (AEGIS64)
AE4EB3 – P-8A, 168429, VP-16 (00000000 on box, TALON 11 on ATC)
AE4EB3 – P-8A, 168429, VP-16 (00000000)
AE4EB9 – P-8A, 168435, VP-16
AE4EBA – P-8A, 168436, VP-5 (MADFOX11)
AE4EBC – P-8A, 168438, VP-8 (TIGER55)
AE4EBC – P-8A, 168438, VP-8/16 (TALON17)**
AE4EBF – P-8A, 168754, VP-30 (VVL849)
AE4EBF – P-8A, 168754, VP-30 (VVLL846)
AE4EC0 – P-8A, 168755, VP-30 (00000000 on box, LL 831 on ATC)
AE4EC4 – P-8A, 168759, VP-8 (TIGER13)
AE4EC5 – P-8A, 168760, VP-5 (MADFOX88)
AE4EC7 – P-8A, 168762, VP-30 (VVL838)
AE543E – MC-12W, 10-0738, AFTD (EVAL 85 on ATC)
AE58B6 – C-12, EMARSS (EMARS 66)
C2B1C5 – CP-140, 140104, 14 Wing RCAF

*Kenyan flag shown on box, future Kenya Airways 787?
**AE4EBC/168438 flew as TIGER 55 (VP-8) yesterday

Military Monitoring Recap; June 2015

Hunter AAF
124.975 – Tower
279.575 – Tower
121.800 – Ground
291.675 – Ground
126.200 – Base Ops
285.425 – Base Ops
309.000 – PMSV
51.050 – Helicopter Advisory
34.125 – 1-3 AVN “VIPER Ops”
37.975 – 2-3 AVN “KNIGHTHAWK Ops”
80.425 – 2-3 AVN air-to-air
150.300 – CG 113, USCG AirSta Savannah Ops (P25)
406.1625 – Base Ops
406.7625 – POL

ARMY/APACHE 75518 (AH-64D, 1-3 AVN)
ARMY/APACHE 77043 (AH-64D, 1-3 AVN)
ARMY/APACHE 77046 (AH-64D, 1-3 AVN)
ARMY/APACXHE 95592 (AH-64D, 1-3 AVN)
ARMY/BLACKHAWK 26812 (UH-60L, A/2-3 AVN)
ARMY/BLACKHAWK 26830 (UH-60L, A/2-3 AVN)
ARMY/BLACKHAWK 27055 (UH-60L, A/2-3 AVN)
ARMY/CHINOOK 08028 (CH-47F, B/2-3 AVN)
ARMY/CHINOOK 08804 (CH-47F, B/2-3 AVN)
ARMY 03748 (MH-47G, 3-160 SOAR)
ARMY 03754 (MH-47G, 3-160 SOAR)
ARMY 20018 (MH-60M, 3-160 SOAR)
ARMY 20022 (MH-60M, 3-160 SOAR)
ARMY 20209 (MH-60M, 3-160 SOAR)
ARMY 20482 (MH-60M, 3-160 SOAR)
SUNNY ## (MC-12W, B/224 MI Bn)
GUARD 08875 (CH-47F, 1/169 AVN)
TESTHAWK ## (H-60, RASM-East)
COAST GUARD 6516 (MH-65D, Savannah)
COAST GUARD 6530 (MH-65D, Savannah)
COAST GUARD 6550 (MH-65D, Savannah)
COAST GUARD 6555 (MH-65D, Savannah)
COAST GUARD 6562 (MH-65D, Savannah)

Savannah IAP/CRTC
119.100 – Tower
257.800 – Tower
121.900 – Ground
348.600 – Ground
120.400 – Approach/Departure
353.775 – Approach/Departure
125.300 – Approach/Departure
371.875 – Approach/Departure
118.400 – Approach/Departure
307.225 – Approach/Departure
225.750 – 165th AW CP “ANIMAL CONTROL”
123.200 WCM9, Gulfstream Aerospace

DAWG ## (C-130H, 165th AW)
REACH 221 (C-130H, 80-0322, 165 AW)
EAGLE 0# (MD-500, Chatham Co)
GULFTEST ## (Gulfstream Test Flight)

Fort Stewart/Wright AAF
127.350 – Marne Radio
279.625 – Marne Radio
126.250 – Wright AAF Tower
269.275 – Wright AAF Tower
51.050 – Helicopter Advisory

MCAS Beaufort
328.425 – Approach/Departure
123.700 – Approach/Departure
292.125 – Approach/Departure
125.125 – Approach/Departure
281.800 – Base Ops
264.500 – PMSV
344.200 – VMFA(AW)-224 Base
250.300 – VMFA(AW)-224 Tac 1
228.200 – VMFA-312 Base
301.950 – VMFA-312 Tac 1
310.200 – VMFA(AW)-533 Base
289.275 – VMFA(AW)-533 Tac 1
299.275 – VMFAT-501 Base
315.300 – VMFAT-501 Tac 1
319.500 – VMFAT-501 Tac 2

NIKEL 3# (F/A-18A+, VMFA-122)
BENGAL 4# (F/A-18D, VMFA-224)
CHECK 6# (F/A-18C, VMFA-312)
HAWK 8# (F/A-18D, VMFA-533)
SWEDE ## (F-35B, VMFAT-501)
FOX 836 (UC-12M, 163836, MCAS Beaufort)

Hilton Head Airport
118.975 – Tower

Brunswick/Golden Isles Airport
122.800 – CTAF

Malcolm McKinnon Airport
123.050 – CTAF

Jekyll Island Airport
123.000 – CTAF

NAS Jacksonville/Mayport NS/Cecil Field
371.350 – CPRW-11 Base
264.200 – VP-8 Base
271.400 – VP-16 Base

NAVY LL 29 (P-3C, 162318, VP-30)
NAVY LL 831 (P-8A, 168755, VP-30)
NAVY LL 846 (P-8A, 168754, VP-30)
MADFOX ## (P-8A, VP-5)
TALON ## (P-8A, VP-16)
TIGER ## (P-8A, VP-8)

Charleston AFB
120.700 – Charleston App/Dep
135.800 – Charleston App/Dep
306.925 – Charleston App/Dep
379.925 – Charleston App/Dep
349.400 – Charleston AFB “PALMETTO OPS”
134.100 – Charleston AFB “PALMETTO OPS”
233.950 – Charleston AFB PMSV
372.200 – Charleston AFB PTD
118.115 – North Field CCT
235.775 – North Field CCT

BASCO ## (C-17A, 437th/315th AW)
GRITS ## (C-17A, 437th/315th AW)
IMPAC ## (C-17A, 437th/315th AW)
UAF 1229 (C-17A, UAE AF)

Shaw AFB
318.100 – Columbia App/Dep
140.200 – Shaw AFB SOF
311.200 – 55th FS “SHOOTER Ops”
141.775 – 55th FS air-to-air

HUSTLER (F-16CM, 55th FS)
KILLER (F-16CM, 55th FS)
FLUSH (F-16CM, 77th FS)

McEntire ANGB
318.100 Columbia App/Dep
298.300 – 169th FW “SWAMP FOX Ops”
141.825 – 169th FW V14
140.125 – 169th FW V15

MACE (F-16CM, 169th FW)
VIPER (F-16CM, 169th FW)
STALK (F-16CM, 169th FW)

Moody AFB
140.200 – 23rd FG air-to-air
141.650 – 23rd FG air-to-air
143.750 – 23rd FG air-to-air
377.850 – 23rd FG air-to-air

CRUSTY (A-10, 23rd FG)
DEATH (A-10, 23rd FG)
SHIFTY (A-10, 23rd FG)

Robins AFB
225.725 – JSTARS Discrete
372.150 – JSTARS Discrete

Ranges/Military Operating Areas
228.400 – Townsend Range/Coastal MOA
354.300 – BEEFEATER ECM Range

120.950 – North Primary
133.950 – South Primary
284.500 – North Primary
267.500 – South Primary
313.700 – North Secondary
349.800 – W-137 Discrete
376.900 – W-137 Discrete

260.900 – NORAD Discrete
327.600 – AR-202

7T-VPM (G-IV, 7T-VPM, Algerian Gov’t)
AEGIS 64 (C-130J, 08-5724, 317th AG)
BOLT 91 (KC-135R, 60-0324, 6th AMW)
DRAGNET (E-3 backend, 966th ACCS)
EVAL 85 (MC-12W, 10-0738, AFTD)
JEDI 71 (T-6, 455 FTS)
MOVER 21 (MOVER 21 (KC-10A, 86-0027, 305th AMW)
PACKER 61 (C-130H, 8-4403, 440 AW)
PHOENIX 14 (self ID as MV-22)
REACH A612 (C-130J, 08-5712, 317 AG)
N267AE (Bell 206L-1, N267AE, Air Evac)
N269AE (Bell 206L-3, AirEvac 91 Vidalia)
N296AE (Bell 206L-1, AirEvac 95 Statesboro)
LIFESTAR 1 (BK-117, N11MZ, LifeStar 1)

256.900/133.700 – Jax Center Baxley Low
269.550/124.700 – Jax Center Columbia Low
277.400/126.750 – Jax Center Brunswick Low
281.550 – Jax Center Georgetown High
282.200/124.675 – Jax Center Jekyll Low
282.300/135.975 – Jax Center Alma High
285.650/126.125 – Jax Center Statesboro High
290.350/132.425 – Jax Center Hunter Ultra High
290.400/132.300 – Jax Center Waycross Low
319.200/127.875 – Jax Center Aiken High
351.700/124.075 – Jax Center Summerville High
363.200/132.925 – Jax Center Millen Low
379.100/127.950 – Jax Center Charleston Low
135.050 – Jax Center Meta Low/High

273.600/123.950 – Atlanta Center Macon Low
290.375/125.825 – Atlanta Center Macon Ultra High
307.050/126.425 – Atlanta Center Dublin High
322.325/128.100 – Atlanta Center Augusta Low

255.400/123.650 – FSS

157.0500 – Marine VHF Ch. 21; Sector Charleston/Station Tybee
157.1000 – Marine VHF Ch. 22
162.3250 – USCG Net 111 (NAC 293); Sector Jacksonville
163.1375 – USCG Net 113 (NAC 293); Station Tybee
164.9000 – USCG Net 118 (NAC 293); Station Brunswick
413.0000 – USCG Net 410 (NAC 293); Sector Charleston

Amateur Radio Calendar Updated For July 2015

I’ve updated my amateur radio calendar for the month of July (I know it’s been awhile but the fact that I’ve done this may indicate I’m beginning to come out of my work induced amateur radio doldrums); it contains special event stations of interest to me (mostly history, aviation, or military related – but really anything that catches my interest as I look through the listings) as well as major contests. I’ve found that trying to show every special event station and contest simply clogs up the calendar. If you have a special event station you’d like me to add to the calendar, I’d be glad to do it, just leave the information in the comments section below. (If you’re viewing the calendar before it rolls over to July, just use the arrow buttons to move forward a month)

This calendar also appears on the Amateur Radio page of this blog. I’ve moved it’s location on the page to make it easier to find; it is now closer to the top of the page on top of the area repeater information.


Dipping My Toes Back Into the Waters of Amateur Radio on Field Day

It’s been awhile since I’ve written anything amateur radio related. It’s been awhile since I’ve done anything amateur radio related for that matter. Quite frankly, as late as Saturday evening I had no intention of taking part in Field Day this year, but I woke up Sunday morning with the urge to have a few QSOs. Before going to church and between church and the start of the Tudor United Sports Car Championship 6 Hours of Watkins Glen, I fired up the mobile HF station and did just that. I guess you could say I took advantage of today to dip my toes back into the waters of Amateur Radio.

My first stint behind the mic was from about 1100 UTC to 1145 UTC. There didn’t seem to be all that much activity, but I imagine a lot of operators were probably just waking up or having breakfast. Despite that lack of activity, I was able to work Arkansas, Kentucky, New Hampshire, Ohio, Puerto Rico, and Virginia on 20 Meters. It was a beautiful morning, the temperatures hadn’t yet begun to rise and the humidity wasn’t intolerable yet; the operating was leisurely and no one I heard on the air seemed to be under pressure to generate numbers.

Looking out at the Skidaway River from the Butter Bean Beach area; not a bad spot to log a few QSOs from.

Looking out at the Skidaway River from the Butter Bean Beach area; not a bad spot to log a few QSOs from.

After church, I decided to go park at Butter Bean Beach near Skidaway Island for about 45 more minutes. The first band I tried was 20 Meters, but by this time all of the operations that were waking up or having breakfast were now fully awake and fed and the band was simply slammed. Folks were now in full contest mode (which is something you’ve never been able to accuse me of!). In spite of the packed band conditions, I was able to log Florida and Hawaii but I quickly decided to change bands. 15 Meters was open and much easier to operate on; I ended up working stations in Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, Mississippi, and Missouri. Just before shutting down and heading for home, 10 Meters sounded like it was trying to open up and I worked stations in Kentucky and Michigan.

I honestly don’t remember when I was last on the air on the ham bands, but it felt pretty good to get on the air this morning, particularly with the operators who were treating Field Day less like a contest and more like an excuse to get on the air and have some fun. I definitely didn’t feel like sitting in front of a radio for an extended period of time or being around it all day long but I still had fun. Isn’t that what it’s supposed to be all about anyway?

Thoughts About the Supreme Court’s Decision on Same Sex Marriage

Please bear with me while I share another religious/political post. These are few and far between for me, usually made when I have to get something off of my chest.

For the past few days I’ve been thinking about the Supreme Court’s decision on same sex marriage and what it means for the country. While it is the right decision, It is definitely one that is going to be divisive. The court has done the right thing in extending the right to marry to the LGBT community but it is going to create a large amount of discontent within parts of the religious right. It shouldn’t, but it will. I’m afraid it will also create discontent within parts of the LGBT community and its supporters.

The Supreme Court was right to strike down state laws prohibiting same sex marriages. I see it no differently than the civil rights struggles in the 1960s. The Supreme Court simply extended a basic right to same sex couples that normal couples have had for ages. There is nothing in this decision that changes anything for churches. The court has not said that clergy will have to perform same sex marriages, there is nothing that says same sex marriages will have to be performed within churches. This decision provides for civil marriages. Clergy and churches will be able to make the decision whether or not they should marry same sex couples, which is how it should be.

Unfortunately, this decision has the potential to create an extraordinary amount of discontent on both sides of the issue. This is a Sunday that finds me relieved that I’m no longer a Southern Baptist (or a member of other similar churches); I just know that there are preachers who have spent the last couple of days writing new sermons to pillory the Supreme Court. Likewise, there will be those within the LGBT community who are going to get upset when clergy and churches refuse to marry them and they will be equally as vocal with their discontent. In my opinion, both sides will be wrong.

As Christians, I believe it will be our duty to treat each other with respect, civility, and dignity in the example of Christ. I think one of the best responses I’ve seen is the response from Bishop Hartmayer of the Catholic Diocese of Savannah. There will be those who dislike the first part of his response in which he says the Catholic Church will not change it’s mind on same sex marriage, but all should agree on the second part of his response:

“However, this judgment does not dispense either those who may approve or disapprove of this decision from the obligations of civility toward one another. Nor is it a license for more venomous language or vile behavior against those whose opinions differ from our own.

This Court action is a decision that confers a civil entitlement to some people who could not claim it before. It does not resolve the moral debate that preceded it and will most certainly continue in its wake.

The moral debate however must also include the way that we treat one another – especially those with whom we may disagree. We are all God’s children and are commanded to love one another. In many respects that moral question is at least as consequential and weighty as is the granting of this civil entitlement.”


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